To Prep or Not to Prep for Daylight Savings???

Oh, how I long to sleep in!! The time is near to FALL BACK..and adjust our clocks… but now we have our little munchkins to worry about.

There are a few options to get the kiddos prepped for Daylight Savings.

Option 1: Adjust your baby’s schedule by 10-15 min increments gradually 6 days leading up to Nov 4.

Option 2: Adjust your baby’s schedule by 30 min increments gradually over less days.

Option 3: F*** it. Take a gamble, FALL BACK and pray that your kids adjust on their own as quickly as possible.

Which do I prefer?? Option 3. The one and only time I just let go and let the kids figure it out. Might mean 2 wonky days of sleep…but this works better for our family vs. adjust over the course of many days.

Anyone else wondering why this doesn’t happen on Hallowe’en??