Change, Feed, Record, Repeat: The Dreaded Feeding Log

I kept a feeding log for all 3 of my babies. Seems tedious…but I recorded the time, which breast baby fed from (or which order if both), wet vs dirty diaper, how many oz per pump and how many oz from the bottle. ***There’s also a section for formula/pumped milk supplementation if needed. 

There are great apps for this now...but I kept things old school and recorded it all by hand.

At just 4 weeks, I was able to track patterns in the baby’s sleep and feeding behavior. The log also comes in handy when your child's Pediatrician asks you how many times a day your baby poops... and you have no idea (#mombrain - look it up. It's a thing). 

I have always been a bit old school when it comes to recording info. I wanted to keep all of that precious information forever and not have it lost in the interwebs...but if you are tech saavy there are wonderful apps that do now exist.  SPROUT BABY is a baby tracking app that allows you to track feeds, dirty diapers and pumping sessions. The sleep tracker allows you to pause if baby wakes and then continue to track baby's nap if he falls asleep again. The medical tool section allow you to track your PED visits, baby's growth, immunizations and you can actually creates a full data report for you to print and show your doctor as needed. This might have actually had me convert my old school ways...


Best B'FING Hack

A friend gave me this product because she never got around to using it. Not sure if I would have tried it otherwise!

Milkies Milk Saver is a cup that you insert on the opposite breast, as you nurse. It collects all the milk that drips out from the other breast. This seemed completely crazy until I tried it. I was able to collect up to 1 oz per feed from the other side. Comes in handy especially when I was pumping once a day. Small storage containers are key to pour the milk in afterwards to store in fridge. Ask your nurse for storage bottles before leaving the hospital! Medela also makes a great breast milk storage solution with lids. 

Who doesn't love a good baby gadget!?


Every ounce counts...literally.   

Every ounce counts...literally.