Back-to-school SLEEP

The commercials have been haunting us for months... Back-to-school is a week away in Canada and most parents are frantically ordering labels, lunch/yumboxes, school bags, buying indoor/outdoor shoes and not worrying about the most important back-to-school matter, SLEEP! 

The National Sleep Foundation has some great back-to-school sleep tips to help get you  back on track. You can start the process by setting an earlier bedtime (by a few minutes) each night and doing the same for initial morning wake. This week would be the great opportunity to get this started if you haven't already. 

Recommended Sleep:

For pre-schoolers ages 3-5, 10-13 hrs (14 hrs for some), and for school-aged kids ages 6-13, 9-11hrs (12 hrs for some). You might think your child needs less sleep because they are able to stay up late during the summer months, but playing around with your child's sleep/bedtime schedule might help you realize that your child actually needs more sleep than you think! 

Having a consistent, relaxing bedtime routine is a great place to start. Opt for a bedtime story vs. screen time before bed. 

A GRO clock is also helpful to maintain a consistent schedule. 

Big changes are coming our way over the next few weeks and it is important to help set up our kids for success. 

So long summer... 


Dog days of summer (almost) officially over.

Dog days of summer (almost) officially over.