The Paci.

SO much love for the PACI.

Many parents have a love/hate relationship with the pacifier but it has so many benefits for your baby. Some of the PROS include SIDS reduction, helping with fussiness and teething pain, satisfying your baby’s urge to suck and most importantly helping him fall asleep!

MAM was my go-to soother with my littlest (and still is). They have created a 0-2 month product that baby is able easily hold in his mouth. The soother comes in a carrying case that also acts as a sterilizer when needed. An easy solution when on the go/travelling. A paci can also ease baby’s (ear) pain during flights.


Your baby can become dependent on it. IMO the pros definitely outweigh the cons for using the pacifier. Light training can also be done to help decrease soother dependency.


Always seek your paediatrician/lactation consultants advice when it comes to the pacifier + breastfeeding.