To Prep or Not to Prep for Daylight Savings???

Oh, how I long to sleep in!! The time is near to FALL BACK..and adjust our clocks… but now we have our little munchkins to worry about.

There are a few options to get the kiddos prepped for Daylight Savings.

Option 1: Adjust your baby’s schedule by 10-15 min increments gradually 6 days leading up to Nov 4.

Option 2: Adjust your baby’s schedule by 30 min increments gradually over less days.

Option 3: F*** it. Take a gamble, FALL BACK and pray that your kids adjust on their own as quickly as possible.

Which do I prefer?? Option 3. The one and only time I just let go and let the kids figure it out. Might mean 2 wonky days of sleep…but this works better for our family vs. adjust over the course of many days.

Anyone else wondering why this doesn’t happen on Hallowe’en??



The Night Light Debate

Diming the lights 1 HR before bedtime can signal to your baby/toddler that it's time for sleep. Not only does this lower your body temperature, but it allows your body to start producing melatonin (signalling the body it's time for SLEEP). **Up until 3 months of age your infant will not produce any melatonin. This is why it's important to provide your infant with the best sleep environment possible. A VERY dark space for sleep is essential. Cover all of those little blue and green lights that you might find on your humidifier, sound machine, alarm clock with a little piece of black hockey tape. This also means no fancy night lights for you or baby.  

As your baby gets a little bit older (we are talking 2 or 3 yrs) some fears might develop around the dark. If possible, try to leave the door open with a gate + night light in hallway vs. having a the light in their bedroom. The lighter the room the more potential there is to disrupt your child's sleep. There are a few alternative methods you can try before introducing the night light.

My fav?: Monster Spray. 

"Monster spray" (a.k.a. "bad dream" spray) is fancy water in a spray bottle. Get our your stickers, markers + glitter out and decorate the bottle. Pinterest is your friend. 

My (almost 4 yr old) daughter asked for a night light a few months ago. If the night light isn't on....she turns on her bedroom lights. Do I regret introducing it? yes.

It is so much easier to recreate a sleep environment while travelling, if your child is used to sleeping in a pitch dark space. Our most recent vacay away included a night light request. Luckly she wasn't room sharing. 

Sleep Consultant's verdict on the night light debate? Avoid, avoid, avoid. If possible! 


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