How do I start the booking process?

First, we will have a (free) 15 minute phone consultation to discuss what your sleep troubles are and how I can help. I will then send you a sleep survey to complete asking you more details your child's current sleep environment, current routine (if any), sleep props etc. You will get an invoice and a contract to sign via email. I will create a custom step-by-step sleep plan for you and will review this with you in detail over the phone. Depending on the package you have purchased, I will continue to provide email, phone/video support during the process. I will also refer you to a sleep/feed tracking app so that you are able to send me important schedule details during training. 

Is my baby going to CIO?

No. I offer gentle sleep solutions to help resolve your baby's sleep troubles. 


What about night feeds?

If your baby still requires 1-2 night feeds that's okay! We can create a custom plan that works around these needs.